Our Mission


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Project Dream is a successful online business community making an amazing difference in the world.


Project Dream is for the person who refuses to be limited by the constraints of a “job.” It’s for the person who doesn’t give anyone else the power to make them a job offer or lay off their position. It’s for the person who rejects the idea of a glass ceiling and a salary cap. It’s for the person who wants to own a business and work it instead of working for someone else.


Project Dream can be for you, no matter where you live, where you did or didn’t go to school, who got your foot in what door, what training you do or don’t have, what’s on your resume, or even if you have one, and whether you have zero work experience or 40 years’ worth.


Whether you’ve always imagined yourself as an entrepreneur or never imagined yourself doing anything other than working 9-5, if you’ve ever had the inkling that there must be something better, Project Dream can be for you.


The only way each of us has become successful with Project Dream is by helping our team partners to be successful.


Unlike the norm, we actually all do better when we support each other.


And in times like these, it seems we could use more businesses like ours.



Do something different!


Shaklee is booming

If you’re here, you already know why there’s never been a better time to do something different. For reasons that are yours. We’d like to hear what they are.

If you’d like to make a change in your health and vitality, make a change in how you earn an income, and help make a positive change in the world, let’s talk.