Success Stories


“Prior to working becoming a brand product partner with Shaklee and Project Dream, I was getting daily headaches, over-weight and drowning in debt. Since joining this marketing team last year with Project Dream I have increased my income, lost weight, got off my allergy meds, saved money on my household products and paid off over $15,000 in debt. It blows me away! Project Dream is a motivating and encouraging team. I am so grateful to have found it.”

Claire Leighton



tespage1 I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children and I began my journey with Project Dream in 2012. Not only am I able to be a stay at home mom, while earning a part-time income, I have become more confident and helped many people on their journey to becoming healthier.

Bonnie Cvykus


tespage2 I am a mom of two and have had the amazing opportunity to stay at home with them. I joined Project Dream in 2012 to create a healthier lifestyle for my family and to build our financial future as well. This team has provided me with the support, encouragement, and skills that have helped me to become successful.

Amanda Donohoe


tespagebridget While I’m new to Project Dream and Shaklee, I’m not a stranger to the amazing products. When I first discovered Shaklee products, I was intrigued to learn more. We love being green in our home, and using products that we can rest assured are safe for our children and ourselves. In addition to being safe & green, a cost effective option too? I’m there! I’m so excited to continue learning and using Shaklee products, and share my experiences and journey!

Bridget Barnlund


tespagemelissa “Project Dream and Shaklee has been such a huge blessing for not only myself, but my family, as well. I am honored to be the mother of four precious children, but lost ‘me’ somewhere along the way. Project Dream is exactly what I was searching for! Not only do I get to continue to stay at home with my children while they are young & contribute financially to our family, but I also have the privilege of helping other families get healthier by using phenomenal, natural products. I truly have so much fun, have met so many amazing friends, work whenever & however much I choose, but most importantly, I have rediscovered myself. Other than being a mom, I have a purpose again & I am thrilled to assist others in doing the same!”

Melissa Brazell


tespagealex ” I’m Alex! I’m a wife and mom to two wonderful boys! I was first introduced to Shaklee through Basic H. I instantly loved the product and wanted to know more. I read Bonnie’s story of being able to stay home and earn a full time income and was so inspired to make my home a healthier place and share the gift of Shaklee with others. Since joining Project Dream, I’ve learned a lot, grown personally, and been able to help others live healthier lives. The people I get to connect with because of Project Dream have become close friends and I just can’t imagine not knowing them.”

Alex Haralson


“I am a busy wife and mother of 3 kids. I am passionate about helping others get out of debt, organize their lives and get healthy. Since becoming a Shaklee 180 specialist 2 years ago, I have paid off over 39k worth of debt in 13 months and I am on a journey to losing over 80 lbs with the Shaklee 180 Inch Loss Plan.”

Erin Branscom



tespage4 “Prior to joining Project Dream, I truly felt some-thing was missing from my life. My life was like 98% of the population…overworked, in debt, stressed. I was suffering from daily headaches and migraines. The training that I have received since joining this amazing group of entrepreneurs has been eye-opening. I finally “get” it! I have a purpose, a drive, and passion! I love watching my business grow, helping others gets healthier and learning new things about myself all the time!”

Krysta Steen


tespagenicole “I am a wife, mom to two preschoolers and step-mom to two teenagers!  Prior to finding Project Dream, I had multiple home based-businesses with no success.  This team has given me a way to stay home with my children and has allowed me to find new, amazing friends with women all over the country.  I am truly grateful for this team.”

Nicole Mikkelson


tespagenikki “About two years ago, I was dealing with the stress of the corporate world, putting my son through daycare, and just trying to make ends meet. After dealing with this for way too long, I knew something had to change. A year later, I was introduced to Shaklee. It has truly changed my life. With the help of Project Dream and support from my friends and family, I was able to leave my 9-5 job and spend more quality time with my family. Today, with now two children, I am able to help my husband support our family and bring healthy alternatives to our life.”

Nikki Lacic


tespagemary “I am a professional organizer, blogger, and busy mom. I started my Shaklee business because I was addicted to using my Shaklee products and I wanted to get paid for it. Since I’ve joined Project Dream, not only have I earned lots of paychecks, but I have gained lasting friendships. Our team is so supportive and we are constantly learning from each other! Not only has my Shaklee business grown, but my organizing and blogging business have also grown leaps and bounds with the encouragement and support of my team. I can’t wait to see where my business will take me!”

Mary Johanson


“Prior to working with Project Dream, I was working nearly 50 hours a week outside the home. After joining Project Dream, in just one year my life changed! This was the best decision I ever made! I have paid off over $25,000 in debt, we were able to purchase our SUV in CASH! I now make a full time income working part-time hours from home, am the healthiest I’ve ever been, lost 65 pounds, and fell back in love with my Husband all over again! If you are looking for a positive change, better health, and additional income, working with Project Dream will help!”

Jennifer Mead



tespagehaily “I am a new mom, working full-time outside the home. I joined the Project Dream Team in 2012 to not only create a healthier home, but also to help build a healthy, financial future for my new family. I am loving using and learning about all the amazing Shaklee products, especially the Shaklee 180, which is helping me drop the baby weight and get in the best shape of my life!”

Hailey Kocol


tespagelindsay “I joined Project Dream in 2012. Since then, I have been able to quit my full-time job and stay at home with my two year old daughter. Not only have I been able to make my home healthier, I am also helping to build a stable financial future for my family. I am helping others to live a healthier, wealthier, happier life and loving every second of it!”

Lindsay Fisher


tespagenikki2 “I’m Nikki! I’m a wife and mom to 3 amazing kiddos. Living with asthma and having a child with life threatening allergies, I was searching for products that could help improve my family’s health. I was so impressed by Shaklee products that I just joined Project Dream International and I am excited about our future with this team and company!”

Nicole Evtimovski


tespagevikki “I’m Vicki! I’m 28, married for 4 years to my high school sweetheart with 2 awesome little boys, Christopher 7 & Alexander who is 4. I joined Shaklee and Project Dream last year while my youngest was still home with me. It was great how supportive and helpful everyone was while I was getting started. Anything you want to know, just post it on our private online forum and you’ll have your answer, usually in just a few minutes. It’s really wonderful having like-minded business women, who are just like you, there to help you grow on your journey to success. This is definitely a company and team you want o be apart of.”

Vicki Ketcham


“I have been part of several home based businesses. I have never had leadership like Project Dream’s. They have true vision and brilliant business minds.  They share business ideas, coach us individually, and provide amazing training. I truly feel this team cares about me and my business, and Project Dream is the reason why my business is as successful as it is. I love their drive and enthusiasm, it’s contagious!”

Michelle Muckala



tespage9 “I have been working with Project Dream for the past year and it has been a truly amazing experience. Besides their wonderful personality and kind heart, This team of knowledgeable businesswomen has helped me reach (and surpass!) my goals. With their advice and support, I have been able to grow both personally and professionally. I highly recommend working with Project Dream if you are ready to bring your business to a new level!”

Andrea Zimlicki


tespage10 “Working with Project Dream has been a blessing. They are very professional and always uplifting and inspiring in what they do and they do it well! I also have never worked for anyone whom informs and cares for their team as this team does. Project Dream is truly inspiring!!!”

Cindy Bolt


tespage11 “Project dream has been such a life changer for me! My family is healthier and we have been able to pay off debt that we have accumulated over the years because I was unable to work outside the home. I now have the ability to stay home with my Children and earn an income which has changed our lives immensely! My passion is to help other families to become healthier and wealthier.”

Julia Kendrick


tespage12 “More than anything, I was looking for an amazing opportunity and what I found was Project Dream. Not only do I have access to tools and training but I have made life long friends. The support from the amazing professionals of Project Dream has given me freedom to reach my goals, build a business with great success and stay home with my beautiful daughters.”

Rosa Rosas


“Prior to joining Shaklee, my family was going $450 further in debt each month, and I was suffering from major depression. I desperately wanted to be able to stay at home with my daughter, but didn’t think I would be able to. That’s when I found Project Dream. In 14 short months, I exceeded ALL of my goals, I’m able to make a full time income from home, and combined with Shaklee’s income, the resources that Project Dream provides has allowed my family to pay off $40,500 in debt in 10 months! We are finally making our dreams come true, and not just wishing for them!”

Jaima Schutt



tespagelee I am a wife and a busy stay at home Mom to 3 amazing boys. I joined Project Dream in 2012 to create a healthier lifestyle for my family and to pay off debt as well. Project Dream has provided me with the support, encouragement and skills that have helped me during my journey.

Leah Vogelman


tespageallison I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls living in the Missouri country. I joined Project Dream in May 2012 to help my family live healthier, safer lives and help pay off debt. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I love helping others discover the gift of health with Shaklee and blogging about her life as a mom, homemaker, and the road to better health.

Allison Schnelle


tespagesus Becoming a mom changed my life in so many ways. After the birth of my daughter I began to focus on creating flexible and fun income streams so I could stay home with my baby girl. Project Dream and my blog have made my dream lifestyle possible! I get to balance work and life and most importantly – being a mommy!

Susie Romans


tespagekelly Prior to becoming a Partner with Project Dream, I was lost without a hope for our financial future. My husband’s health left him unable to provide for our family and I desperately wanted to be home with my three young boys. My oldest son was suffering from multiple skin issues that we had been unable to solve. We were in and out of the doctor’s office month after month. And then, I was so blessed by this awesome team! The training, support and encouragement goes above and beyond anything I could have expected! We now have hope and health for our future and I have been able to share that with many other women. Can’t imagine where I would be without this team!

Kelly Burtelson


“Prior to Project Dream International, I was looking for something to do when my kids where in bed and my hubby worked late hours. I am a Mother to 4 amazing kiddos but I needed something where I can connect with other women each day and make a difference in the world. I never imagined where this journey would take me.

Since, starting my own business, I have been able to earn: a full-time income, car payments, vacations to California and Mexico, an iPad, Tiffany jewelry and crystals, lots of free health products and other bonuses. I have also been recognized with our product partner on stage in Washington D.C., California, Las Vegas, and Mexico in front of thousands of people. I have been in the company’s media, website, training Dream Calls, etc., and have one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry.

More than all those amazing benefits, I have grown as a person and have made lifelong friends. I have learned the skills that it takes to succeed and I am blessed to share them with our amazing team. This team is highly motivated and serious to impact their lives and everyone they touch.

Project Dream Intl. has changed my life and I will be forever grateful!”

Bonnie Donahue
Founder of Project Dream Intl.




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